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    Filmmaker & journalist

    Storytelling is the most effective way to get your point across, but a badly told story does not interest anyone. With the stories I bring - whether they are filmed or written - I want to wonder and inspire. Stories worth sharing. With a good story you move your audience.

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Luc Seton

My name is Luc Seton. Luc is short for Lucas and the name Seton comes from 'Sea town', a small town on the coast of Scotland that is now called 'Port Seton'. It is situated about 20 kilometers east of the capital Edinburgh. You can find more about the illustrious past of the Scottish clan Seton under the heading 'clan' in the navigation bar.

Marvel and inspire

I studied journalism, economics and history and freelance since then as a filmmaker and writing journalist. I want to marvel and inspire with my stories. Often I sit behind the assembly table with wet eyes. I also want to achieve that effect with the viewer. More about my motives and my work history can be found under the heading 'Once upon a time'.

Character and passion

In terms of character I am extrovert, intuitive, independent, empathetic, charismatic, energetic, social, creative, adventurous and curious; in short, a real aquarius. For those interested, my ascendant is lion. I live and work in Amsterdam and I love traveling, discovering, diving, climbing, animals, nature, people, history, stories and doing everything with passion.