• "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

    Maya Angelou, poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist

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7 tips for a good story

Leading, binding and inspiring stories do wonders. They give focus and bring atmosphere, cohesion and deepening. But how do you make a good story? Well, how do you make a good Ni├žoise salad? The best chefs cook with principles, not with recipes, said master chef Auguste Escoffier. What are those principles in storytelling? Seven open doors in the house called storytelling.

  1. Do not take on the role of the hero in your own story in external communication, but make your customer the hero in your story. Take the role of his helper, mentor or counselor yourself.
  2. Find the connection in your story. A one-sided story is never worth it. Connect inside with outside, upstairs with downstairs, identity with image, mission with people, head with heart and today with tomorrow.
  3. Work in the story with the core values. What deeper emotion do they appeal to? Concentrate on it and append it.
  4. Move in the target group. It is very simple: if you identify with your target group, your target group will identify with your brand, product or policy. And vice versa.
  5. You can portray something in a metaphorical sense, so do that: metaphor, parallel or illustration (here meant to be metaphorically). Images increase the 'sticky factor' of your story.
  6. Build drama, at least adversity or create at least a challenge. Nothing as sleep-inducing as a happy marriage. And for those who have seen a bit of the world, it is completely implausible as well.
  7. Keep it concrete, personal and close. Do not use expensive words if you can also use affordable words.
      Source: http://www.storytellingmatters.nl